BMW Service in Lake Worth

If you are the lucky owner of a BMW, you need an auto shop you can trust to care for your vehicle's every need – and Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is happy to be of service.

For many years, our technicians have been specializing in auto care for BMWs. We deliver fast, affordable, and superior repairs, detailing, and maintenance services, right here in the beautiful community of Lake Worth.

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Regular Auto Maintenance for Your BMW

BMWs are built to last so that you can enjoy your vehicle for years on end. It is not uncommon to see older BMW models on the road, and these high-quality machines often outlast other makes.

The key to maximizing the lifespan of your BMW depends on knowing when it needs servicing and ensuring that a knowledgeable specialist like Fort Worth Autowerks LLC completes its maintenance.

Your BMW may need servicing if:

  • The check engine light is turned on
  • If your vehicle is making strange noises (popping or shifting)
  • You hear a sound similar to that of something dragging

For older BMW models, it is essential to keep braking and cooling systems up to date. This will limit the amount of servicing your car needs as it grows older and will allow you to enjoy your car for the long haul.

Professional BMW Repair Service

Our car experts are also happy to be able to provide a comprehensive range of BMW auto repair services, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Oil changes
  • Engine repair
  • Exhaust repair
  • Auto glass repair and replacement
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Tire rotation and wheel alignment
  • Brake check and repair
  • Battery and electrical repairs
  • And more

Give Your BMW Some TLC with Auto Detailing

BMWs are high-quality vehicles, known not only for their impressive engineering and performance but also for their sleek, luxurious designs.

Odds are you want to keep the appearance of your BMW in top condition. Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is proud to be able to offer specialized detailing services that go beyond a simple car wash.

When you book a full detailing service, we will thoroughly clean your vehicle from the inside out. We use the highest quality cleaning products to refresh your vehicle's leather seats, interior surfaces, and exterior edges. We can vacuum and shampoo interior carpets, polish the windows and tire rims, remove dirt and debris from every inch of the vehicle and provide hand waxing upon request.

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All our automobile specialists are highly trained and professionally experienced. We are BMW enthusiasts that take pride in caring for and repairing luxury Beemers new and old. Our valuable BMW car maintenance, repair, and detailing services reach a level of excellence that our regular clientele has come to expect, and we look forward to showing you just how much we care.

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