Radiator Repair and Inspection

The radiator, water pump and thermostat in your vehicle keeps the engine cool and safeguards it against overheating. In addition, components in the cooling system of your vehicle eventually build up deposits that require a radiator flush to keep your engine running smoothly. In simpler terms, without a functional car radiator, water pump and thermostat your engine would overheat and create some serious damage to all the internal engine components in your vehicle.

If you want to safeguard your car’s cooling system with an inspection or are in need of some repairs, we’re the company for you! Fort Worth Autowerks LLC only hires the most skilled and reliable technicians, who do their best to provide you with impeccable customer care and quality services. We’ll make sure your vehicle's radiator and cooling system are working at full capacity and are in tip top shape! With our competitive pricing, friendly informed team and use of original parts you’ll be glad you chose us as your BMW repair shop.

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Why Hire Fort Worth Autowerks LLC

Because we strive to elevate our customer experience past our competitors and work to ensure our service is one of the best in the industry, when you hire Fort Worth Autowerks LLC, there any many benefits that you’ll enjoy.

When choosing our team for your radiator repair and inspection service, you can expect to receive:

  • Transparent and fair prices
  • Access to brand name European parts
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Local shuttle services
  • Written estimates
  • Licensed and trained technicians
  • Warranty protection
  • Military discounts (10% off labor only)

If you're looking for high-quality service and a team that will treat you right, you're in the right place. We invite you to drop in or call our office to schedule an appointment. 

Affordable Radiator Repairs

An overheating car or truck engine can leave you without a means of transportation, or worse, stranded on the side of the road. If your radiator is experiencing problems, we’re the licensed specialists who are dedicated to providing you with the fast, budget-friendly solutions you can rely on.

One of the cornerstones of our business is keeping close relationships with our well-known auto part suppliers. This allows us to pass savings on to you, and it helps us make sure the replacement components you need are always on hand or in stock to order when you need them.

We keep a large inventory of high-quality parts for radiator repairs on vehicles of all makes and models. Connect with us to explore value-driven options and impeccable customer service.

Comprehensive Radiator Repair Service

Many people ask us if an auto radiator can be repaired, and in most cases the answer is yes. Some of the top reasons to book an appointment include:

  • Radiator cracks
  • Radiator leaks
  • Radiator fan replacements
  • Radiator fluid replacement
  • Radiator inspection service

Without the proper functioning of your car’s heating and cooling system, you are at serious risk of experiencing costly problems with your engine. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request an estimate.

Quick Radiator Replacement

When corrosion starts to eat away at your automobile’s radiator, it’s a sure sign you will need a radiator replacement sooner rather than later. The typical lifespan of this component is between 8 and 10 years. Is it time for you to consider your options?

If your radiator is in rough shape, it has many negative implications for your engine. This is not one of those ‘check engine’ lights that can be ignored for long.

If your car is informing you that the engine is overheating, just remember, that means your radiator could be on the fritz. Without a radiator, your engine would become extraordinarily hot. The job of the radiator is to cool the engine down so it doesn’t seize while you are driving. If we find that your radiator is busted when you bring your car in, we will make the replacement or repair process as simple as it can be.

Our speedy radiator replacement means you can get back out on the open road again quickly—phone our team to make an appointment at your earliest convenience. We always have spots available for you and we look forward to making your acquaintance.

Radiator Fix: 5 Common Problems We Can Resolve

When it comes to solving problems, our licensed experts have seen it all. There isn’t a radiator issue too severe or mild for us to handle. We will work hard to solve your problem and get you back out on the open road safely. We’ll swiftly diagnose and resolve issues like:

1.       Leaks

A leaking radiator means you are losing cooling fluids, and when those run dry, you’re going to run into major issues. Within ten minutes of regular driving, your engine could become seized solid. 

In that regard, you can think of the antifreeze that courses through your engine as it’s blood – without blood there won’t be much life in your engine. In most cars these days, the engines are sophisticated enough to provide a fair warning about engine overheating. In many cases, this is triggered by a radiator that is leaking fluid. Because without enough antifreeze to push around, the engine is at major risk of seizing. If your ‘check engine’ light has come on for overheating, give us a call and our team will let you know how you need to proceed.

2.       Rust

Rust is a sneaky suspect because it is hard to see it on internal components. Nevertheless, it persists, and when it does, it can lead to cracks and holes in your radiator, which will cause you to lose the fluids you need to keep the entire system intact and functioning well.

Rust is a form of erosion that will eat away at the metal that comprises your radiator. If left unattended, this will cause holes in your radiator and of course, leaks. If it has been more than a few years since you’ve had your vehicle checked by a professional, come on down to Fort Worth Autowerks LLC for a radiator inspection. We will check your radiator for rust and all the other critical components of its functionality.

3.       Sediment Buildup

Blockages can be caused by a number of contaminants, including the buildup of mineral sediments. When this happens, it is impossible for the correct among of coolant fluid to reach your engine, leading to overheating.

This can result from many things. You may have been using the wrong antifreeze, your radiator may be faulty, or it might just be time for you to bring it in to us for a check.

In many cases, radiator issues result from neglect. It is worth noting that certain makes of vehicles are more prone to overheating than others and you will have to be wary of that if your vehicle is one of these.

  • Subaru
  • Mitsubishi
  • Honda
  • Nissan

These vehicles are known to have built-in radiator issues. If yours is one of the above listed, please keep an eye on your radiator. If it has simply been too long since your last check up (more than 1 ½ years) – give us a call right away and schedule an appointment with us.

4.       Faulty Water Pump or Thermostat

Since your entire coolant system is an interconnected network, when your water pump or thermostat goes, it can lead to significant issues with the function of your radiator.

If the thermostat is acting up, it may give incorrect readings to the radiator and function improperly.

If the water pump is not working, even if the thermostat is working correctly, it will not distribute the antifreeze/water mixture through the engine correctly. Both scenarios are a ticking time-bomb for your engine.

5.       Over Heating

Does your temperature gauge jump up when you’re waiting in traffic? This could be a sign that your radiator fan is about to fail. It’s best to get this problem looked after as soon as possible to avoid engine damage.

If you have questions about an auto radiator issue we didn’t mention in the list above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.

Causes of Radiator Leaks

Corrosion is typical and expected in vehicle engines. It happens when the radiator, hose, and connectors start to rust, resulting in holes that form and expand over time. When your radiator suffers from corrosion and decay, it's only a matter of time until you’ll notice issues. Also, if the thermostat in your vehicle isn’t working correctly, your engine may experience excessive heat, putting added pressure on the radiator. These issues can be easily avoided by getting your vehicle regularly serviced.

Causes of Water Pump Failure

When your water pump fails or begins to present signs of potential failure, it should be looked at right away before it causes damage to your radiator. If you're aware of the causes of water pump failure, it's easier to prevent them.

Some of the more common reasons your water pump might fail and damage your radiator include:

  • Improper use of seals, gaskets, or sealant
  • Weak or incorrect coolant
  • Faulty or improperly installed belt drive parts
  • Dry rotation of the water pump

When you leave your vehicle with our team of licensed technicians, you can rest assured that if we suspect an issue with your radiator, we’ll diagnose the water pump and its components. If anything needs to be replaced or adjusted, we’ll take care of it.

Causes of Radiator Overheating

One of the first visible signs of a radiator overheating is if there's smoke under the hood. This is a serious issue, and if it isn't serviced right away, your engine can incur irreversible damage. We recommend you stay informed of what can cause a radiator to overheat to this extent so that you can avoid it.

Causes of a radiator overheating include:

  • Low or no coolant
  • Oil is too low or overdue for a change
  • Thermostat is faulty or broken
  • Water pump is defective or broken
  • Radiator needs to be serviced
  • Problems with the hose or belt
  • The heater core (engines heat exchange unit) is clogged

Preventive measures are simple and can save you many headaches. Scheduling your vehicle for regular oil changes and coolant top-ups will keep your radiator from overworking and overheating. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, our service technician will ensure your engine is in working order, and all the necessary liquids will be topped up so you can hit the road worry-free.

Protect Your Vehicle from Overheating

Fort Worth Autowerks LLC radiator repair specialists will verify whether your cooling system is adequate enough to ensure protection against overheating or freezing when you visit us for an inspection or maintenance check. Whether the outdoor temperature is hot or cool, your radiator adjusts the fluid temperature automatically to keep your engine stabilized. Don’t wait until your car overheats and you are stuck at the side of the road. Have your radiator fluid levels and its other components checked regularly as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Cooling system repair

Our experienced and trained technicians inspect and repair the coolant system in the radiator of your vehicle and offer other preventative maintenance services including:

  • Radiator leak check
  • Radiator ‘flush’
  • Engine block test
  • Radiator water pump and belt inspection
  • Pressure test
  • Fluid level check
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Radiator hose inspection
  • Cooling fan and thermostat inspection

Radiator- How Your Cooling System Works

The radiator keeps your engine cool and prevents it from overheating - the central component of a vehicle's cooling system. It receives power from your engine by burning fuel and generating energy from all the moving parts under the hood. Since the engine produces a substantial amount of heat, the radiator cools it down to prevent overheating, which can cause a vehicle to break down and cause expensive damage to the engine. Maintaining your radiator is one of the easiest ways to prevent catastrophic damage to your vehicle. You can do this by following a few simple steps:

  • Keep coolant on hand and regularly top it up
  • Get it flushed annually by a licensed mechanic
  • Maintain the connecting hoses and check for leaks
  • Don't overload your vehicle

It's important not to overlook the importance of a radiator and to bring it in the first sign you notice damage or your engine overheating. We will flush it out, replace leaky tubes, and top it off so it can continue keeping your engine cool.

Keep Your Radiator Functioning with Proper Coolant

Coolant has a very specific and essential purpose for your engine, and without proper use, your engine can suffer extensive damage. It is necessary to transfer heat and prevent engine damage often caused by freezing or boiling.The heat produced from all the running components can be transferred with coolant, so it's crucial to maintain adequate coolant levels and make sure it doesn't evaporate or freeze.

If you notice coolant levels after a recent top-up, it’s likely due to a leak. In this case, you should analyze your engine and if you locate a leak, bring it into our shop, and we will repair it for you immediately to prevent further damage. Follow these steps if you suspect a leak in the radiator.

  • Take a peek under the vehicle to check for liquid on the ground below the front end.
  • Put on gloves and feel below the radiator for leaks or rust buildup.
  • Bring it in to have the pressure cap tested.
  • Check all the hoses under the hood to spot any holes or tears causing the coolant to leak.

While many motor drivers underestimate the value of coolant, we urge you to maintain the levels in the radiator, so you're not like other drivers - stuck on the side of the road with a smoking engine.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Radiator Repair Service

Fort Worth Autowerks LLC has developed a reputation for providing high-quality industrial radiator repair service. What makes us stand out? Our customers don't need to return from a job half-done or our repairs breaking down the road. Our highly trained and licensed mechanics boast the skills and precision making them capable of fixing all types of industrial and heavy-duty radiators. These include radiators on farm machinery such as tractors and trailers, boats, and other marine transportation.

So, despite the type of heavy machinery you own, if you suspect the radiator needs to be repaired, it's important that you contact us.

Coolant Flush

The coolant in your radiator should be flushed and replaced every two years. Ask a Fort Worth Autowerks LLC technician about longer lasting products for maximum performance. We invite you to visit our auto shop for a free radiator repair estimate and to check for leaks, or damage to gaskets and hoses.

Call us to schedule your next radiator flush and maintenance check with our certified and experienced radiator repair experts.