Garage Mechanic in Lake Worth

If you’re looking for a mechanic in the Lake Worth area, look no further. Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is the premier auto garage serving Lake Worth and the surrounding area. Since opening our doors, we’ve set ourselves apart thanks to the quality of our repairs, timeliness of service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whatever the problem, you can count on us to fix it fast and at a fair price.

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Your All-in-One Auto Shop

Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is a full-service auto mechanic providing a complete range of services for all types of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Whether you need an urgent repair or a timely tune-up, we have you covered. For quality, efficiency, and stellar service, we’re the auto shop you can trust.

Auto services include:

Specializing in BMW Repair and Maintenance

We’re proud to specialize in BMW repair and maintenance. Our expertise in German automotive engineering allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services for BMWs of all years and models. Using only OEM-equivalent components, we promise a superior repair that keeps your vehicle in excellent working condition.

If you drive a BMW, you already know it takes a specialist to service it. Trust Fort Worth Autowerks LLC to do the job right and to take good care of your vehicle.

Quality Repairs from Certified Mechanics

You don’t want anyone to repair your vehicle. You want someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who’s licensed, certified, and experienced.

Fort Worth Autowerks LLC combines all those qualities to provide expert repair services you can count on. Our technicians are rigorously trained and thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the highest industry standards, and we keep up to date with the latest tools and technologies.

We continually invest in our services, our tools, and our products to ensure we stay on the cutting of our industry. It’s that commitment to our craft—that commitment to excellence—that’s helped set us apart as a leading local auto shop. It’s what’s helped us earn such a strong reputation and what makes us your top choice for local automotive repair.

Your Leading Local Auto Mechanic

Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is the leading mechanic in Lake Worth. We take what we very do seriously and that is why when you leave your vehicle in with us, you can rest assured knowing that we will not only fix the problem, but will also explain why it happened in the first place, as well as provide you with information to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. We want to ensure that you won’t have to come back to see us every second week. That being said, if your car, truck or motorcycle is past the point of no repair then we will tell you that too. We have built a reputation on being as honest and upfront as possible, and we fully intend to continue that tradition for years to come. So whether your engine is spluttering, your brake pads have worn thin or you simply need an oil change, contact us right away.

As a client of Fort Worth Autowerks LLC, you can expect:

  • Timely turnarounds
  • Same-day service
  • Honest, upfront quotes
  • Licensed, insured technicians
  • Extended warranties
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

The Garage that Checks Off All the Boxes

What do you look for in your mechanic? Do you want one that cuts corners, tells you what you want to hear and promises you that this will be the last time your transmission will need to be changed? Or do you look for a garage that has earned a reputation for being as diligent and professional as possible, and that will always give the most accurate and honest diagnosis, while ensuring your vehicle is at the highest standard for the longest time possible? If you fall into the second category then there is one number to call.

Unrivaled Quality, Unbeatable Price

We know that in an ideal world every Lake Worth driver would have their tires changed, their radiator replaced or exhaust repaired at the first sign of a problem. We also know that you don’t live in an ideal world and that in the real world of Lake Worth money is often tight.

It is for that reason that we always aim to keep our prices as low and competitive as possible. We want to ensure that our award-winning mechanic service reaches the highest number of motorists in our city. To achieve that goal we promise to charge a fair and reasonable price. We always itemize our invoices so you know exactly what you are paying for and we also encourage all our customers to question any cost that they are uncertain of. On top of that, we offer a range of flexible payment methods as well as installment options that allow you to spread the cost of the repair over a number of weeks or months rather than having to pay one lump sum up-front.

Lake Worth’s Top Choice of Mechanic

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When you need a mechanic in the Lake Worth area, Fort Worth Autowerks LLC is the one to choose. Since opening our doors, we’ve established a strong reputation as the area’s premier choice for auto repair, maintenance, and more. Timely and dependable, licensed and certified, we’re the auto shop you can trust for all your automotive needs.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services, prices, and work history. We pride ourselves on providing upfront, transparent service tailored to your needs. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation inspection and quote for our services.

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